If you want to support our mission, you can check out our needs list, make a donation, or volunteer

Our goal is to create a hands-on activity center that can involve a wide range of ages. For the younger kids we will have many exhibits in which they can wander through and have things to play with. For the teenage groups- we will be offering workshops in electronics, digital media production, 3D printing, fashion design, and of course offering them the opportunity to volunteer. Which could be things such as hosting workshops for younger kids or being involved in creating or managing the exhibits for the exploratorium.

What we need before opening

Business License (completed)
Certificate of Occupancy (completed)
Registration Kiosk (completed)
Local Network and Server Completion (in progress)
Security System (in progress)
Better Lighting

future facility

Digital Media Studio

We would like to build a decent set-up for both film and audio production. We are in the process of applying for grants and seeking out additional funding to make this a possibility.

What we need for the studio

iMacs+Software for editing
Audio production equipment
Materials for green/blue screen
(2) Cameras
Stage Lighting

Science & Electronics Bay

We are going to offer computer/electronic repair classes and would like to add a few more things to the section.

What we need for Science and Tech

(2) HDMI Microscopes
Soldering Irons/Reflow Station
Electronic Components

Metallurgy & Casting Equipment

We would like to offer courses in making molds and casting them from recycled metal. For under $1000 dollars we can complete a metal casting area.

Items needed for casting

Mold Supplys
Personal Protective Equipment

Plastic Recycling Project

We would like to recycle old plastics by turning them into filament that can be used with 3D printers or for injection molding. For around $500 dollars we can buy the materials to build a granulator and extruder.

What we need for Plastic Processing

(big plastic shredder)
(melts the plasting and extrudes it at 1.75mm)
(winds the melted filament to a spool)